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Guangzhou Meijie Hospitality Product Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Meijie Hospitality Product Co.,Ltd has been complying with the development trend of the hotel supplies industry since it was established in 1990. It has been successfully developed into a company with  influential and professional production of hotel supplies in Guangdong. Production of high-grade hotel guest room supplies, air travel supplies, gifts and other products.

Meijie takes "specialization to build global brand" as the strategic development goal, "people first, serve the people". Is the United States and clean and consistent management concept, we know that talent is  important assets of the enterprise, only  talent, can create quality, create  brand, molding  enterprise!

Meijie will the trend of Chinese hotel supplies in an international perspective, and a strong marketing elite is the pioneer. The healthy growth of corporate culture to stabilize our pace of rapid development. In order to transcend the self and take the brand strategy to continuously improve our core competitiveness, we will be honest and trustworthy and learn innovation to realize the development vision of our century.

The prance of Meijie will step with your dream,your travelling life will be more wonderful because of Meijie.

We warmly welcome businessmen from all over the world to come to discuss cooperation.

Emulsification workshop

Filling workshop

Toothbrush workshop

Bottle blowing workshop

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Cosmetic Laboratory

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