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On the selection and purchase of shampoo
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The reasons for the change of hair include the residue of dust and molding agents, the other is the oil and sweat secreted by the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a moderate, delicate and irritating shampoo.

If the shampoo with too much washing power is used, the fat components of hair must be dropped too much, so the hair will be too dry or easy to generate dandruff. This is why people often say that shampooing will lose hair and make hair dry and dandruff.

No matter what shampoo you choose, the first thing to remember is, do not use shampoo every day, which will wash out the fat of the hair itself and make the hair and scalp dry. Second, use a shampoo every other day; if the hair has been dried and damaged or curly, you should choose a shampoo with a moisturizing effect. The product containing natural oil or amino acid surfactant will have a good effect on the disorder and can also use a shampoo containing synthetic lubricant. Flashing, such as wax, should be selected for shampoo containing oily hair or containing tea tree oil or weak acidic shampoo. Do not use alcohol and alkaline shampoo. Although it can effectively remove grease, it also damages the hair and makes the scalp dry. If it is dry hair quality, generally choose nourishing amino acid shampoo, also can choose the use of hair conditioner or hair membrane, so that the hair can get more moisture, and can also regularly do hair care.

In addition, concentration is not the only criterion to measure the quality of shampoo. It is not that the thicker shampoo is, the less it is. Whether the new brand or the old brand, it is better to choose yourself to wash comfortably and comfortably, and feel no harm to hair quality.

According to the composition, Chinese medicine prescription has good effect in curing scalp.

Choice of ingredients: Traditional Chinese medicine products, such as the ingredients containing skin whistles, Platycladus orientalis leaves, Sophora flavescens, Polygonum multiflorum, and so on, can adjust the scalp, restore the balance of the scalp ecological environment, can prevent oil, head itching, dandruff and so on.

Dry hair: in the choice of shampoo should pay attention to whether it has moisturizing and moisturizing function, so that your hair can breathe deeply like skin. Oily hair: shampoo with oil control shampoo to keep oily hair for a long time to keep dry and comfortable.

Fragile hair: best use of shampoo containing nutrients to care.

Normal hair: after the scalp and hair have been naturally cooled, choose the shampoo and hair conditioner suitable for their own hair, and clean it thoroughly with the water close to the scalp temperature.

Shampoo must be targeted, because the hair of each person is different, the state of the hair is different, so the shampoo is different. Basic classification:

1, mild shampoo, suitable for ordinary hair.

2. Strong moisturizing shampoo is suitable for hair with special dry and fine hair.

3, the shampoo for damage, for example, is aimed at long-term hair dyeing and ironing, which is the shampoo for nursing.

4, dandruff shampoo contains unique ingredients for inhibiting and removing dandruff.

5, Deep Cleansing Shampoo can thoroughly clean hair thoroughly in the chemical residue of hair, so that the hair back to the previous state;

6, two in one shampoo can combine shampoo and hair care at one time.

Two in one shampoo: two in one shampoo, no shampoo and conditioner. Two in one shampoo may be better from cleanliness, but from hair care, it just feels better after washing, but later it is more dry.

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