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What are the hotel supplies for The Inn Boutique decoration design?
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In hotel decoration design, many of them need to be considered ahead of schedule. For example, where we need to put anything, so we need to know. When decorating, you have to think of what hotel supplies you need to buy after renovation. So what are the hotel supplies?

1: room supplies

Bedding, room cloth, room curtain, insurance box, electric iron, ironing board, stereo matching, TV turntable, room refrigerator, electric kettle, room phone, clothes rack, clothes, bamboo, wood products, keys, hand cards, beauty mirrors, garbage cans, antiskid pads, signs, other room supplies.

2: cleaning supplies, air cleaners, cleaning agents, cleaning tools, disinfectant, window cleaning machine, polishing machine, blow dryer, dredging machine.

3: Food and beverage pottery and porcelain tableware, silver plated (silver) wine equipment, plastic products tea, turntable stainless steel products, food model, glassware, wine car, hotel tablecloth, hotel cloth, hotel seat covers, hotel curtains, other food and beverage supplies.

4: furniture banquet furniture, restaurant furniture, room furniture, housekeeping, furniture, sofa, dresser, hotel bed, hotel table, other hotels, furniture and hotel tables.

5: leisure equipment automatic mahjong machine, fitness equipment, entertainment facilities, spa equipment, other entertainment equipment.

6: single supplies toilet paper, comb, shower cap, facial tissue, sub sex pen, shoeshine, shampoo, soap, ordinary toothbrush, bath liquid, shoe polish cloth.

7: intelligent equipment bedside control board, wireless catering, other intelligent, silver collection system hotel intelligent management system, electronic burglar system, magnetic card door lock sound system.

8: sanitary ware bath room, bathtub, toilet, bathroom accessories, large roll paper, towel paper, hand paper, toilet paper rack, fragrance machine, soap liquid machine, dry cell phone, sauna, foot bath equipment, other sanitary ware.

9: lobby facilities umbrella rack, signs, fruit boxes, service vehicles, other hall series.

10: special purpose color TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, large screen, display, other hotel appliances, electric kettle.

11: hotel lighting crystal lamp, ceiling lamp, chandelier, lantern, down lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp, floor lamp, spotlight, other lighting.

12: Hotel dress hotel uniform, welcome dress, restaurant uniform, other clothing accessories.

13: hotel services, leisure and fitness, hotel banquet, catering services, self-service, hotel exhibitions, room service, conference services, and other services.

14: exhibition service exhibition booth, exhibition advertising, public relations etiquette, media public relations, translation services, Gaestgiveriet Hotel.

15: other products, food and beverage, security products, other, tea, fresh water products, other drinks, other drinks, cold drinks, other leisure food, other food.

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