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Tell you about the role of hair conditioner
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It is generally believed that the hair is negatively charged. Shampoo (mainly anion detergent, soap also belongs to this kind) after shampoo, will make the hair more negative charge, resulting in static electricity, causing inconvenience. Using a conditioner, the main component of the cationic quaternary ammonium salt can neutralize the molecules that remain on the surface of the hair with anions and leave a uniform monolayer. This wonderful layer brings a series of benefits to the hair: soft, glossy, easy to comb, antistatic, and cause mechanical damage and perm of hair. The damage caused by perm and hair dye is repaired to a certain extent.

Use effect

A healthy hair surface is made up of a complete set of hair scales and naturally secreted oils to form a protective membrane for hair. Excessive washing, hot dyeing and sunlight exposure will destroy the natural protective film, causing the loss of water in the cortex, the dry hair, and the loss of elasticity and softness. Only regular use of conditioner can protect the hair from damage.


Hair conditioner is mainly composed of surfactant, auxiliary surfactant, cationic conditioner, fatliquoring agent, oil, chelating agent, antiseptic, pigment, essence and other active ingredients. Among them, the surface active agent mainly acts as emulsification, antistatic and bacteriostasis, the auxiliary surfactant can assist the emulsification, the cationic conditioner can play a soft, antistatic, moisturizing and conditioning function to the hair, and the fatliquoring agent, such as lanolin, olive oil and silicone oil, can improve the hair nutrition status and make the hair bright. Easy combing; other active ingredients go to dandruff, wetting, sunscreen, vitamin, hydrolysate protein, plant extract and other functions, such as dandruff conditioner, aloe or ginseng, and so on.

The main feature of the rinsing hair conditioner is that through the process of water bleaching, the hair conditioner is evenly distributed on the hair. It is the most commonly used hair protection product at present. The characteristics are as follows: (1) the paste consistency is moderate and easy to use; (2) there is no greasy feeling, easy to smear, soft and slippery; (3) it can be evenly distributed on the hair; (4) easy to clear Washing, the effect of hair protection is good.

With the influence of environmental pollution, hair dye, perm and other adverse factors, people pay more attention to the hair care, and there are a lot of hair care products. The two first shampoo has once been the main product of shampoo and hair protection. The shampoo and hair care will be completed in one step, convenient and fast and popular, but shampoo and hair conditioner are used separately. The obvious hair protection effect of hair conditioner has been favored by people, and the trend of the separation of shampoo and hair conditioner is rising.

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